Robo-Advising in the Financial Industry

From paying your electrical bill to ordering dinner for your family, technology is now a cornerstone in nearly every aspect of our lives. At Stalker Financial Group, we recognize the importance of technology and embrace the latest digital trends in the financial industry. Canada's first artificial intelligence exchange-traded fund recently made waves when it hit the market. Another tool that continues to make headlines? Robo-advising – software platforms that provide automated financial advising and portfolio management services with minimal human contact. These algorithm-based tools are growing in popularity across the globe, thanks to their low cost, accessibility and straightforward approach.

While convenient, digital systems do not replace the need for traditional financial advising services. Why?

  • We believe financial success starts with a customized plan that meets your needs, one that allows for agility in today’s market and through all of life's changes.
  • We work closely with you throughout the process to ensure we understand your goals and plans and develop an informed strategy for your future.
  • When significant life changes occur, so too do changes to your planning needs, and we adjust our plans accordingly.

In fact, we liken our financial planning services to brewing a great craft beer.

To start, we plan a precise list of ingredients to craft the perfect recipe for financial success. We offer a range of flavour profiles catered to your palate and will modify our recipe as needed. We ensure every taste element, while occasionally complex, is accessible. And of course, we always want you to come back for another sip after you try the finished product.

The Stalker Financial Group approach strives for the appropriate mix of digital tools and traditional face-to-face collaboration to enhance your overall experience. We believe technology like robo-advising is best used when it supplements human efforts, improving efficiency and productivity – but a personal touch and custom financial solutions remain key in creating a positive experience for you, our valued clients.

Contact Stalker Financial Group today to find out how our dedicated team can help you achieve your financial goals.

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